Ever since VCAC became a registered Society in March 2014, members have paid $5 for their annual membership plus $1 per ride.  Non-members may ride with us once, but per our Club insurance policy terms, they must then become VCAC members to ride with us again.

That fee policy raises enough funds to cover VCAC annual expenses such as Club insurance and website fees, but there were two problems:

  • The fee structure was not fair - some members have ridden on over 100 rides annually, so they were paying $105 per year; some ride only a few times annually and paid around $10.
  • Collecting $1 per ride was cumbersome for ride leaders and riders alike.

Effective July 1, 2016, VCAC implemented a flat $20 annual membership fee and eliminated the $1 per ride fee:

Riders joining or renewing their VCAC membership as of July 1, 2016 will pay $20.

VCAC ceased collecting $1 per ride as of July 1, 2016.

The new membership fee does not apply to current VCAC members until they are due to renew in the month shown on our Meetup site.  Most memberships are due in the spring; thus the new $20 fee will not apply to those who recently joined or renewed their VCAC membership until they renew.

Riders interested in “trying out” VCAC may still attend one ride for free as a guest, but per our Club insurance, to ride with us on subsequent rides, they need to join VCAC by:

  1. Completing the online membership form at http://vcac.net/join-the-vcac
  2. Paying the membership fee.

The $20 membership fee may be paid via PayPal, Interac or Cheque.

The new $20 annual fee is similar or less than the annual fee for many other biking and hiking clubs, but will still raise enough money to pay VCAC annual expenses.

If you have any questions about the new fee structure, please contact VCAC Treasurer Stuart Reynolds at . We look forward to seeing you on our upcoming rides.

Members must be 19 years of age or older.

Membership Steps:

  1. Join Meetup.com
  2. Join Victoria Cycling Adventures (The meetup.com group, the meetup.com website)
  3. Join Victoria Cycling Adventures Club (The Society, this website)

* If you want to try us out for a single ride before joining the club, come back later for step 3.

If you have ridden with us before, your membership fee for the society is due at your next ride.


The meetup.com group Victoria Cycling Adventures was created on July 13, 2013. On February 1st, 2014, the group had over 300 members and 31 riders showed up for the Humpback Reservoir Ride.

We quickly realized that we needed to provide more rides and have more riders willing to organize rides.  We also needed to have liability insurance and an organization structure.  Thus we decided to become a registered society.

Victoria Cycling Adventures Club (VCAC) was incorporated as a non-profit society in March 2014 and we've been growing ever since.  VCAC is the umbrella society for the meetup.com group Victoria Cycling Adventures.

Setting up the Society and purchasing insurance cost money, hence our fees.