May 28, 2017


Attendees:  Lucie Mandanici, Kathy Robertson, Stuart Reynolds, Janet Davies

Absent:            Wendy Wilcox

1.      Call for Nominees for the Board

Ø  Lucie, Kathy and Janet have stated that they will run for a position on the Board.  Stuart is resigning from the Board.

Ø  Will seek nominations for the position of President, Treasurer, Secretary, Ride Leader Liaison, VP of Public Relations (not a Board position), Membership Administrator (not a Board position).

Ø  Will send out a request for nominations.  Announcement sent out by mass email and posted on Facebook for volunteers.  Kathy Robertson, Lucie Mandanici (President) and Janet Davies (Secretary) have come forward to seek a position on the Board.

Ø  AGM will be held on September 10, 2017.  Place and time TBA. Offering to do a bike rally takes one hour with the start and finish at Lucie’s house.  Looking for other suggestions with no expenses incurred.


2.      Treasurer’s Report

Ø  Most membership dues will be done by etransfer to VCAC.net.

Ø  We have 151 members as of May 28, 2017

Ø  There are 7 new members in the fiscal year. Fiscal finances will be completed the day before the Annual meeting.  Stuart will email to the Board members.

Ø  Paid up members are 114 (as of July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017).

Ø  As it stands now we have enough paid members to offset the operating costs.

Ø  As of June 30, 2017:  Balance = $2,538.29  &  Cash = $0

Ø  As of July 22, 2017:   Balance = $2,678.29  &  Cash = $80.00




Minutes of the Meeting

May 28, 2017

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3.     Review Edits Done on Meet Up Page & VCAC Webpage

Ø  No more edits are required.

Ø  eBikes are allowed unless specified that it is not appropriate for this ride.

Ø  The first ride is free unless specified that it is for members only.

Ø  The $1 per ride is eliminated.  The cost is $20/year.


4.      Distribute Email to Ride Leaders

Ø  Send out email to all present ride leaders that the simplified rules will no longer require them to call new riders to check if they have done their quiz. The responsibility is on them to do so and by signing the waiver they acknowledge they have completed the test.

Ø  We plan to have a VP of membership who will keep the memberships updated and will let the member know when dues are overdue 15 days before they attend the next ride they sign up for. Ride leader will not let rider on ride if dues not paid.

Ø  Need to make sure that if the ride is a Pace 3 then all riders can keep up at the required pace.  Some members have attended a Pace 3 ride even though they are Pace 1 riders.  This slows down the ride and frustrates the faster riders.

Ø  The Board agreed that in the write-up there should be a statement that this is a Pace 3 ride and be prepared to ride at this speed.

Ø  We will no longer chase members to ensure that the quiz is completed.  Will no longer call or email members.


5.      Webmaster:  Lucie has initiated talks with Simon to move the VCAC.net web page to a public server and switch administration to herself since Stuart will be leaving and add another person who will be webmaster.

Ø  We need a Webmaster who will update our VCAC and Meetup sites.  Will ask the membership for a volunteer.  Simon currently has the files for this site and as he is no longer a member we will need to build a site using his old files.

Ø  Most transactions can be done via e-transfer.



January 11, 2018: VCAC Minutes of Meeting  January 11, 2018 (pdf)


August 10, 2017: xxxxxxxxx


November 11, 2016: Monthly Treasurer Report 2016 10 31 (pdf)

November 11, 2016: Minutes of Meeting - 2016 10 02 (pdf)

November 11, 2016: Financial Review 2016 Year End (pdf)

November 11, 2016: 1617 draft budget (pdf)

November 11, 2016: AGM Agenda (pdf)

November 11, 2016: AGM Minutes 2015 (pdf)

November 11, 2016: AGM Minutes Final (pdf)

November 11, 2016: Balance Sheet June 2016 (pdf)


August 20, 2015: Financial Report to Sept 30-2015 (xlsx)

August 20, 2015: Year End Fin Report to June 30-2015 (pdf)

August 20, 2015: Financial Review 2015 Year End (pdf)

August 20, 2015: AGM Agenda (pdf)

August 20, 2015: Draft 2016 Budget.pdf (pdf)

August 20, 2015: AGM Minutes.pdf (pdf)


October 14, 2014: VCAC AGM Minutes July 30 2014 (docx)

October 14, 2014: VCAC Financial Report 201 Q1 (pdf)

October 15, 2014: VCAC Financial Review Committee Terms Of Reference (docx)

October 15, 2014: VCAC Financial Report 2014 Q2 (xlsx)

October 22, 2014: VCAC Financial Review Committee Report 2014 Q2 (pdf)