The following volunteer positions are available:

Ride Leader

  • Must know the route. Often, but not always, the person who designs the route will be the route leader
  • Schedules the ride and keeps the ride notification on the website up to date
  • Checks those RSVPing the ride that they have completed the online quizzes if this is their first ride, that they have joined the VCAC if this is their second ride and informs them by email if they need to do either before attending the ride
  • Decides if it is necessary to postpone the ride or substitute an "Embrace the rain" ride due to bad weather
  • Arrives early at the departure point with the waivers and signup sheet and supervises both and the collecting of any membership fees from those where it is due
  • Gives the safety speech and ride spiel
  • Sets up radio channels and locks them
  • Divides group into sub groups if necessary
  • Appoints secondary leaders, sweeps and marshalls
  • May delegate any of the above to the Sweep or Marshal or any known member who is keen to help out
  • Leads the ride
  • Decides when to break into "groups of five" for safety reasons
  • Decides when to stop for a break
  • Appoints "markers" when necessary

Ride Sweep

  • Arrives early at the departure point to assist the Ride Leader in any of his/her duties
  • Rides always at the end of the group.
  • Calls the leader on the supplied radio if the group needs to stop for any reason
  • Does a head count at departure and throughout the ride at the end of any stops
  • Supervises the breaking into "groups of five"

Ride Marshal

  • Arrives early at the departure point to assist the Ride Leader in any of his/her duties
  • Politely and diplomatically correct any riders not following the established safe riding procedures
  • Acts as "moral officer" to make sure everyone is happy with the pace and doesn't need to break for any reason
  • Advises anyone who cannot keep up that they should leave the ride

Safety Instructor

  • Conducts training sessions before rides as per the procedures described on the Training Page

Rides Committee

  • Suggests rides, plotting them on
  • Applies changes suggested by other rides committee members if appropriate
  • Reviews and comment on other rides committee member's rides
  • Makes suggestions as to the scheduling of rides

Public Relations & Promotion

  • Forms relationships with local bike shops and other stakeholders
  • Arranges sponsorships/donations/training/bike checks etc.
  • Places the group promotional poster where appropriate
  • This position is not well defined at the moment. If you are a real "people person" with marketing or PR skills, you can help define this position based on your experience


  • Helps with update and maintenance of the meetup and club websites
  • Produces quality logo and graphics for the websites

Social Media

  • Set up, update and maintain the group social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, ???

Board of Directors

  • We have a 5-member Board of Directors including positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and 2 Directors at Large.
  • Directors are elected annually at VCAC's Annual Generally Meeting (AGM), held within 90 days of its June 30 fiscal year end. All members of 30 days or more are eligible to vote and be nominated as a director. If your annual fee has elapsed within the last 3 months you may pay at the AGM.

If you are interested in any of these positions, login to your account and click "Select My Roles" and "Select My Availability" in the left side Members Menu.

e-mail: if you have any questions or comments.