Okay, so you've:

  1. Joined Meetup.com
  2. Joined Victoria Cycling Adventures
  3. Joined Victoria Cycling Adventures Club (Though not if you are just having a test ride)
  4. Completed the cycling safety quiz
  5. Printed and signed our waiver

Now you are ready to come for a ride with us!

View and RSVP for a ride on the meetup.com Victoria Cycling Adventures website.

Don't miss the MORE RIDES link after the first 5 or 6 rides, we like to schedule rides a couple of months ahead to give you lots of time to plan.

We are keeping a listing of all our rides, past and planned on the excellent RideWithGPS.com website. If you see something there that we haven't done for a while that piques your interest, let us know and we will see about scheduling it. If you are keen, we recommend that you create your own account and design your own routes and then share them with us.

Any questions or comments about our rides or to suggest a route of your own e-mail .

Happy Riding!