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Victoria Cycling Adventures Club (This website)

The constitution of the Victoria Cycling Adventures Club Society

Victoria Cycling Adventures (Our website)

League of American Bicyclists (Club umbrella group for insurance purposes)

Insurance Program for Bicycle Clubs and Advocacy Organization (Our insurance plan)

Victoria Cycling Adventures Ride With GPS Account (Ride route maps)

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Ride Leader Links and Instructions

Victoria Cycling Adventures Ride Sign-up Sheet & Waiver Registration Waiver.pdf

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Victoria Cycling Adventures Ride Incident Report

Business Cards

Guest Information Slips Guest Information Slip 160801.pdf

Cycling Instruction and Safety

Joyriding "One-on-one lessons, taught by an experienced and friendly cycling instructor, that are tailored to your individual skill, fitness, knowledge and comfort level"

Women's Everyday Biking "We offer workshops and casual coffee meetups, with sessions on basic bike maintenance, route selection, clothing and gear advice, buying bikes, biking with your kids, winter riding, and lots of other stuff."

Bike Maps Data Visualization View and report cycling related incidents such as bike theft and cycling hazards and accidents.


Victoria Cycling Adventures Cycling Safety Quiz