Victoria Cycling Adventures Club is a non-profit, registered BC society devoted to promoting safe recreational cycling.

We are a group of volunteers that organize weekly recreational bike rides for 19+ adults. We have a few rides a week, year round and support a variety of bike ride types and speeds. Rides are generally between 25 and 120km depending on the ride theme.  We have five Pace levels from Smell the Roses (Pace 1) to Pace 5:

Pace Average Speed
1 10-14 km/h
2 15-20 km/h
3 18-22 km/h
4 20-25 km/h

Rides are promoted via with the specific ride route being made available via Ride with GPS. Members can sign up for rides with Pace, lengths, hilliness and terrain suitable to their fitness level and interest. E-bikes can participate in many of the rides but only at the discretion of the ride leader organizing that specific ride. (See bottom of page for links to our Meetup and Ride with GPS websites.)

The CONSTITUTION of the Victoria Cycling Adventures Club

The name of the society is “Victoria Cycling Adventures Club”, hereinafter referred to as the “society”.

The purpose of the society is to organize and promote safe recreational bicycle rides and to:

  • promote the use of the bicycle as a recreational activity;
  • pursue cycling safety through education;
  • promote the principle that the bicycle is a legitimate vehicle and is an integral part of the transportation system;
  • promote cooperation, safety and respect among all road users; and
  • encourage more people to ride bicycles more often

The purpose of the society must be carried out without the purpose of gain for its members and any profits or other accretions to the society must be used for promoting its stated purposes only.  This provision is unalterable.

In the event of winding up or dissolution of the society, assets of the society remaining after the satisfaction of liabilities must be given or transferred to an organization or organizations promoting similar objectives as the society.  This provision is unalterable.

Link to Victoria Cycling Adventures Club constitution and Bylaws (pdf)