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2016-07-12 15:05:11:

Hello, I am very concerned about the Saturna Island ride and the plan for scuba divers to collect sea life and put it in containers on shore. Our sea life, like many other of our wild creatures are in danger because of human activities. Removing these creatures - even though they presumably will be put back from whence they came - is irresponsible. Humans are destroying this planet . Please don't contribute to this destruction by disturbing the sea life from their homes. Leave them alone.


Trish Aikens

VCAC Replies:

This event is put on by Parks Canada who, we would hope, know what they are doing and would not endanger the animal and plant life. The tanks on the shore have sea water pumped through them. They are only handled by experienced marine biologists. They are returned to the sea after a couple of hours educating the public.

We are only attending this event as part of a day on Saturna, we have no control over whether it goes ahead or not.

Perhaps you can voice your concerns to Parks Canada?

2016-07-07 14:37:47:

Hi, I am inquiring about the Pace 3 ride on Saturday (June 9) to Sea Cider. 

Would it accomodate a road bike? 

Thank you.

Anita Petkovic

VCAC Replies:

This kind of question is best left as a comment on the ride Event page at

Anyway, the answer is Yes.

2016-06-28 23:50:03:

Just checking the comments and I do not see my recent comment posted regarding getting left behind by the group leader and finding myself lost on a recent ride. Do you just post positive comments or all constructive comments?

VCAC Replies:

We post all comments, though we like to share them with the board and rides committee first to discuss our response. We are a group of volunteeers with jobs and families.

2016-06-26 22:26:01:

Please remind leaders of rides to wait at the top of inclines (hills or roads) and wait for all riders to regroup. I have experienced first hand a ride where the fast riders were ahead of the slow riders by about 2 miles and I was stuck in the middle not sure where the fast group headed and not sure how far back the sweep and slower riders were so I was basically lost for 1/2 an hour. This was my first higher pace ride and I felt totally abandoned and not sure what to do. There was no head count ever taken so most riders did not even know someone was missing. Considering all the rules and questionnaire we as riders need to fill out before we start the rides, I'm surprised the leaders aren't always following their proper protocol.

VCAC Replies:

Your comment has been shared with the rides committee and the board of directors along with a reminder to follow our own protocols so that people do not get lost or left behind. It would help if you told us the name and date of the ride. We run 4 - 8 rides a week, so it is hard to tell which one you are referring to.

There is another protocol we have for longer, countryside rides, where it is natural for the group to spread out - that is to just keep going on the road you are on because the group will stop if they are going to turn off the current road or at least they will leave a pointer at the turning. This should have been explained though.


Hi there, I have just started riding again after20+ yrs and wish there were more rides with a "1" rating. I only see one or two in May and none in June. It would be great to have a weekly ride that is within my current limits. Some of the group rides are too far, fast, and require more experience than I have right now. I am strong, but need to get stronger on my bike before I can take on other group rides. I think I can do a "2" but wont know for sure until I try. I work M-F so the Wed Smell the Roses wont work. Any chance there will be more variety and options for "1" riders? Thanks. Also would like a riding buddy in the Oak Bay area, but no lists or data bases of newbie riders to get together with for casual rides. Hmm I am rambling - thanks for any help or suggestions. Sonia Myers

VCAC Replies:

We are a non-profit society staffed by volunteers, so we have the kinds of rides that our volunteer ride organizers wish to ride.

We have 1 person hosting Pace 1 rides and she is often away for weeks during the summer. The rest of the year she hosts 2 or 3 a week with usually at least 1 on the weekend. I'll ask her if there is someone in her group who might like to lead rides when she is out of town.

Perhaps we can have a "Ride Buddy" system where people can meet to arrange unscheduled and unofficial rides? I'll bring it up to the board and rides committee.

2016-02-07 12:44:08:

Hi , I have just joined this group.  Could you confirm what the "pace" is for Pace 3/4 rides?  I have no problem with the distances, but wonder about the pace?


VCAC Replies: Our ride pace icons at the beginning of every ride event page now have a kilometre range.
2015-12-20 19:52:37: I would like to thank the organizers and the hosts of the rides I think a lot of work goes into this group without many of us knowing it. Great job. Thanks you and Merry Christmas ! VCAC Replies:
2015-11-22 13:27:57:

Hi Simon

I live in Saanich and would appreciate you offering a meet point on the route, so I dont have to get to Cafe Fantastico for the start. Can you pls provide a meet point for those that live in Saanich, eg intersection of Goose and Lochside near Uptown? This would have me joining more of your rides. Thanks Tony

VCAC Replies: Let us know where you would like to join the group and we'll see you there!
2015-11-10 16:35:30:

I would like to see rides of about 2 hours.  I just retired and if I rode for 4 hours, I would not be able to walk the next day.  Just think you should try to include us older folks.  Thanks.

VCAC Replies: Our volunteers host the kind of ride they wish to take. You could always leave a ride early? Message the ride leader and let them know in advance so they can arrange for you to leave the ride at a place from which you know the way home, if possible.
2015-10-11 12:00:28:

Hi Simon,

Just wanted to say, how well you have this site constructed and maintained with valuable information at our fingure tips. Thank you!

VCAC Replies:
2015-05-22 14:03:06:


I am new to this group and to cycling in Victora (I am also new to Victoria)

How do I set up a training session to learn the basics before I go out?


VCAC Replies:

We'll be having a few "newbie" rides soon but aren't doing training as planned. No one showed up for the first one so we didn't repeat them. I'll change that on the website.

2014-11-22 09:51:53:

I appreciate the way you've listed the the rides via 'ride with gps' as it makes ride comparison very easy! Thanks Simon

VCAC Replies:
2014-08-03 22:08:44:

Hello, I'm not a member and I was interested in your Cowichan Bay Wine Tour but could see any date on your web site.  Also, I tried the join button but it would not accept my email address . It said it was already in use ?? !

Terry C.



VCAC Replies: You must have already joined meetup. Use the "Forgot my password" option to get into your old account.
2014-07-17 01:03:25:

Would there be a possibility of an intermediate group of riders? Not as fast as the group that Simon leads yet a bit faster than Smell The Roses. There are times when I love the relaxed pace of STRs but other times when I need to let off a bit more steam, although I can't keep up with Simon's group. Any others interested???

VCAC Replies:

This is a frequent request as you can see by the other comments here. We need more people to step up and volunteer to lead and sweep for rides like this. The few leaders and sweeps we currently have are committed to other kinds of rides. I'll put out a request for more volunteers tomorrow with a little e-news that is going out.

2014-05-27 12:07:00:

I have enjoyed being part of this biking group.  However, as the groups got larger (more than 15) I did not enjoy the rides as much.  Too much stopping and waiting for the tail to catch up, having to group into fives, etc.  Also, as a regular bike commuter, I am uncomfortable being in such a large group who tend to impede cars etc. 

In addition, I find that some of the more recent rides are a bit too time consuming and I can't always commit to spending a full day. I think that the duration of some rides might be in part due to all the stopping and starting for the large group? 

Finally, I like the 10am start time. That means I don't like to have to "hup-to" on Sat morning to get somewhere when I've been doing that all week!

VCAC Replies:

Excellent points. The plan is to split up a ride into smaller grops of about 12. But this will require more ride leaders, sweeps and marshalls. We would like some experienced riders to step up and fill these roles:

  • Click Members Login, top left column
  • Login to your account
  • Click and complete Select My Roles
  • Click and complete Select My Availability

Only if we have enough ride team volunteers can we break into smaller groups.

2014-05-26 22:30:00:

I think you are doing everything right. 

VCAC Replies:

Thanks! Positive comments are welcome too.

2014-05-26 21:56:24:

Hi :)  I've been a member of this meetup group since Aug 2013 and am really impressed with the variety of rides,  I don't sign up for them all as I find 50-60 kms enough for me in a day :)  I like that I don't have to organize, as I have done that in the past with other events..... alot !!

I also like that I have had the pleasure to meet some great folks and now there is a 'regular' bunch,  makes it easier for my old mind to remember names LOL  Thanks to Simon and all the other organizers for doing a great job !!


Judy B

VCAC Replies:

Yes, we take compliments too.

Shorfter rides are in our future.

2014-05-26 15:43:46:

I like this group but haven't been able to join as many rides as I would like. 1. because I've been busy with other stuff! 2. On the weekends when I am free to ride, the scheduled route is usually way too difficult. I echo the comments posted below. 

VCAC Replies:

There seems to be a theme developing here! We are addressing it.

2014-05-26 14:54:20:

Thanks for the comments below which I would like to second. The writer expresses my sentiments exactly. Sorry not to be taking part anymore for similar reasons.

VCAC Replies:

Stay tuned and give us another try when we have the new moderate rides policies in effect, see first comment and reply.

2014-05-26 14:46:24:

Still hoping for some rides that fall somewhere between the main rides and the smell the roses rides...something along the lines of the original GVCC rides where there was some good distances, reasonable speed but more stops. One other issue might be that it looks like there is a core of riders that come out for every ride...that might look a little intimidating for a new rider. Maybe a few "newbie" riders?

VCAC Replies:

See reply below.

Newbie rides is a good idea. Perhaps the first Saturday of every month.

2014-05-26 14:45:51:

I really enjoyed the rides in the fall, but as the group got bigger and bigger it appeared that more and more "avid" cyclists were joining.  I'm glad they are enjoying the group, but it has meant that the speed, hilliness and distance being ridden  has increased and I can no longer keep up.  I attended the "smell the roses" group a few times but that seems a bit too slow for me.  Anyways, great folks in a well-organized group that sadly just doesn't seem to fit me anymore.

VCAC Replies:

We do have a new policy whereby the main ride will split up into "advanced" and "moderate" as required by those who find the pace too slow. The "moderate" section will ride slower and have more and longer stops.

Also, we may add a more moderate ride on the other day of the weekend. Perhaps the same route but at a slower pace.